Course for Kindergarten


  • 1.

  • 2. Bilingual Fun Play Group (Mandarin and English)

    The popularity of Mandarin and English is increasing nowadays that parents all know the importance of them.

    However, speaking them fluently is not that easy. To achieve the target step by step, a mature and systematic teachingmethod should be the most efficient and effective way.  It leads children into their first stage of language learning and lays a solid foundation.



    Target of the course:

    a. Eliminating the strangeness and arousing their interest towards Mandarin      and English at the same time. 

    b. Mastering Mandarin phonics and learning Mandarin and English vocabulary.

    c. Increasing confidence through singing songs, reading poems.

    d. Learning listening and expression.

    e. Increasing competitiveness in language.



    Features of the course:

    a. Small group teaching, 2-8 children in agroup.

    b. Either choosing Mandarin and English at the same time or merely choosingone of them.

    c. Relaxing teaching method enables students learning in a high quality language learning condition. Students would be imperceptibly influenced by the standard pronunciation and tone of Mandarin and English. Thus, their interest towards Mandarin and English is effectively increased.




    1-2 hour(s) per lesson, depending on a class size.


  • 3. GAPSK Courses for Hong Kong and Macau Students


    Introduction of the proficiency test:

    a. Developed by the Institute of Language Education,Peking University
    b. The only assessment mechanism of Mandarin for Hong Kong, Macau and

        overseas kindergarten's students
    c. The first examination program approved by Ministry of Education, China, a

        highly credible examination appraised by authoritative experts of Hong Kong

        and China
    d. Coordinating with Education Bureau, help improve listening, speaking,

        reading and writing skills of students
    e. An examination for candidate’s comprehensive ability of Mandarin


    Features of the courses:

    a. Focus on the weaknesses from the

        regular reviews and highlight the most

        important skills

    b. Re-mine from the points of the exam and
        the typical problems involved, help
        candidates further strengthen their
        mandarin skills
    c. Provide with special training on specified
        skills, to improve the accuracy and speed
        of problem solving

    d. Understand and familiar with the exam question types, help solve difficult

        questions facing in the exam then enhance candidate’s performance
    e. Teacher is graduated from a national key university, Presenter Profession in

        Television Arts Discipline, holding Professional Certificate in Putonghua

        Teacher,Hong Kong University, and get awarded in Grade One, Level A from

        the National Putonghua Proficiency Test

  • 4. Chinese Standard Writing Training

    This course follows children's cognitive and the rules of Chinese writing structure, beginning from the character's initial writing. It includes the learning of strokes, stroke orders, the order of parts, which children can learn progressively. This course shows a feature of Chinese characters -  the combination of shape, sound and meaning. Through the teaching of characters and language, children will have great fun from learning Chinese characters, and arouse their interest in learning Chinese.

  • 5. Jolly Phonics Fun

    A systematic phonics system is an effective way to learn and it is the first step to let your children understand Putonghua. If children can be equipped with correct phonics, they have benefit in reading, listening and spelling also. Our teachers use diversified and goal-oriented teaching methods to strengthen students’ memories through different activities. This could enable the students understand what they have learnt and encode the phonics into long term memory in a short time so they are not easy to forget.

  • 6. Interview Preparation Course for P1

    This course is suitable for children who prepare to study K2/Lower in September 2012. There are many levels to train children about their cognitive and analysis. It aims at enhancing their presentation skills, judgement, organisational skills and resilience.

    Children can use the above interview skills and become confident to express themselves. They can adapt to new environment and people and have prominet performance in admission interviews.

    The content of the course:

    a. interview manners, body movement, logical intelligence, life common sense, language expression

    b. training children's abilities of observation, recognization and attention

    c. letting children be more confident when facing stranger and unfamiliar environment, motivating them to find out their potential abilities


    The characteristics of the course:

    a. With 2-4 students each class, teachers can teach and follow-up each student


    b. Using stage-to-stage pattern, student can study each stage systematically

  • 7. Mandarin Certificate Course

    This course provides one-stop Mandarin teaching, helps cultivate students’ interest in mandarin progressively since kindergarten and enhances their mandarin consolidation.

    The characteristics of the course:

    a. Strengthening competitiveness, coordinated with the requirements of

        kindergarten, primary school and secondary school qualifications. According

        to the curriculum, students will complete the whole series of courses at P.4,

        then enroll the examination course and apply for mandarin public examination

        at P.5. When promote to P.6, students will get our centre’s certificate and

        mandarin public examination qualification, which can be regarded as the

        indicators of mandarin ability for applying secondary school.

    b. Using gradual and progressive approach in the curriculum, including interest,

        learning and public examination preparation.

    c. Coordinating with the examination, including the

        main elements of different mandarin public

        examinations, making the best preparation for


    d. With flexible curriculum design, students can take

        the pronunciation intensive course and primary

        mandarin courses after testing.

    e. Regular assessment test is provided, to

        understand students’ progress, help consolidate their

        learning. Tutor will have reviews with students’ performance,

        for parents to know students’ progress clearly.

We have the other courses, please phone us to ask for more information.


  1. Other language courses: English, Spanish, French, German, Cantonese, Abacus calculation etc.
  2. Private tuitions and business training are also available

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